Thursday, 30 April 2015

the snoop snoop song


I had a panic attack in this outfit which perhaps counteract the peppy ootd vibe, but I think you can articulate anxiety in novelty tights and bright colours as much as frowny face trench coats and post grad pony tails.  This is not to over intellectualise stripy snoopy shirts, a lens of thinking I broadly dislike, but rather to remind all the fake deep sh-umper (shirt + jumper) dudes that all fashion is basically candy coated anyway! Doing my make up helps me with anxiety, listening to bowling for soup helps me with anxiety, Schopenhauer does not help me with anxiety.

Also adventure time socks!!!

tropic of cancer (currently reading), peggy noland candy crush tee (LOVE), X, holy mountain poster, seventeen 1961, ladies and gentlemen the fabulous stains, The Big Lebowski by BChapman

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

magicarp hell

[cw: rape, anxiety for the second video]

panic attack aesthetics 

Sunday, 26 April 2015

mordecai and the rigbys

Once slothfulness was the privilege of the elite now the young and poor are blessed to indulge in this noble pursuit! 

(I write in my bed at 3 in the afternoon watching Gummo. no srsly this was a journal entry of mine.) 

Also snack wave outfit? 

Trivia: This is actually pyjamas but I wear pyjamas outside as that is where my mind is at right now?!

My mental health is pretty funky and I have been effectively/affectively dropped out of society for like 8 months now so slacker aesthetic is finely tuned? 

Also I'm aware it's totally douche-y but I read the Outsider for the first time and this quote was neat:

“I would rather not have upset him, 

but I couldn't see any reason to change my life.

 Looking back on it, I wasn't unhappy. 

When I was a student, I had lots of ambitions like that. 

But when I had to give up my studies 

I learned very quickly 

that none of it really mattered.” 

also some shitty art:

also a playlist:

butthole surfers-dracula from houston

superchunk-slack motherfucker

sugarhigh-coyote shivers

banana chips-Shonen Knife

volcano girls-veruca salt

No no no-the blue hearts

blister in the sun-violent femmes

dancing with myself-blink 182

wilson philips-Hold One

frank sidebottom-you spin me right round

just got back from the city-captain beefheart

patra-queen of the pack

butthole surfers-cough syrup

Nobody Asked Me (If I Was Okay)-Sky Ferreira

Kool Thing-Sonic Youth

All The Young Dudes-Mott The Hoople

This is the day-The The

and a mood board story in various chapters:







1. unknown, seth in knocked up, totally fucked up, candy crush soda ad, smiley face stills.

2. katy perry, old stamp thing

3. X, X

4. X

4. unknown, isamaya ffrench's how-to: cry face | i-D Magazine

5. X, Nobuyashi Araki

Thursday, 23 April 2015

parasitic lifestyle blogging (actually never ending post!!!)

(content warning for gore/body horror, gifs -also spoilers!)

"I want now to tell you, gentlemen, whether you care to hear it or not, why I could not even become an insect. 

I tell you solemnly, that I have many times tried to become an insect. 

But I was not equal even to that. 

I swear, gentlemen, that to be too conscious is an illness; a real thorough-going illness. 

-Notes from Underground,  Fyodor Dostoyevsky

The internet may have a plastic-y texture but it has a special relation to dirt. If the internet is an apple (product) then I suppose I constitute as the worm peeking its little head out! Viruses, bugs, dark spaces, leakages, the internet is rather moldy when you look at it! Parasitic lifestyle blogging is the tumblr tag I used to navigate this, to navigate my own sickness, brokeness, disability feels and colonial cry babyness (though there is no pesticide for a psychosis such as mine). So if parasitic lifestyle blogging is the framework, the internet is the medium, where are the rule books to navigate this? 

Parasyte is a study of consumption, cannibalism, crushing, dreams, undignified survival (for to be a parasite is to survive unwanted and unpretty, it is why I consider myself one! a parasite is a sister to a virus another method of attack with so called 'post colonial' implications), humanity, jerking off (I mean c'mon Migi is literally his right hand man that is for sure a masturbation metaphor!!! also on like an 'immature' note I am so into this trope of like id-esque non-human weirdos invading ppls lives-see also Ted which was a totally *shrug* movie but the concept itself is just everything??)

Ooh one thing! Before I get onto the never ending mood board, I was so struck by the similarities in composition to Finn's arm loss and regrowth (itself something that merits like an entire book in regards to disability theory!)And that of  Shinichi? I know these scenes have been compared to Akira also (which I totally get! Also I could talk about Tetsuo's transformation sequence forever but still! ) but still...thoughts? Maybe I am just Adventure Time obsessed!

But yes! Onto the main mood board! Enjoy!