Thursday, 23 April 2015

parasitic lifestyle blogging (actually never ending post!!!)

(content warning for gore/body horror, gifs -also spoilers!)

"I want now to tell you, gentlemen, whether you care to hear it or not, why I could not even become an insect. 

I tell you solemnly, that I have many times tried to become an insect. 

But I was not equal even to that. 

I swear, gentlemen, that to be too conscious is an illness; a real thorough-going illness. 

-Notes from Underground,  Fyodor Dostoyevsky

The internet may have a plastic-y texture but it has a special relation to dirt. If the internet is an apple (product) then I suppose I constitute as the worm peeking its little head out! Viruses, bugs, dark spaces, leakages, the internet is rather moldy when you look at it! Parasitic lifestyle blogging is the tumblr tag I used to navigate this, to navigate my own sickness, brokeness, disability feels and colonial cry babyness (though there is no pesticide for a psychosis such as mine). So if parasitic lifestyle blogging is the framework, the internet is the medium, where are the rule books to navigate this? 

Parasyte is a study of consumption, cannibalism, crushing, dreams, undignified survival (for to be a parasite is to survive unwanted and unpretty, it is why I consider myself one! a parasite is a sister to a virus another method of attack with so called 'post colonial' implications), humanity, jerking off (I mean c'mon Migi is literally his right hand man that is for sure a masturbation metaphor!!! also on like an 'immature' note I am so into this trope of like id-esque non-human weirdos invading ppls lives-see also Ted which was a totally *shrug* movie but the concept itself is just everything??)

Ooh one thing! Before I get onto the never ending mood board, I was so struck by the similarities in composition to Finn's arm loss and regrowth (itself something that merits like an entire book in regards to disability theory!)And that of  Shinichi? I know these scenes have been compared to Akira also (which I totally get! Also I could talk about Tetsuo's transformation sequence forever but still! ) but still...thoughts? Maybe I am just Adventure Time obsessed!

But yes! Onto the main mood board! Enjoy!


  1. Some of those pictures really present an inner conflict pretty clearly and Adventure Time's coolio :) xoxo

  2. I've always been WAY into body swap/time travel stuff idk why it's just like... the best ever. Did you ever watch "Big Meg, Little Meg" on CITV? Or Big Kids on CBBC? ahhhhhhhhhhhh my faves. Also "The Queen's Nose" was weird. idk why I automatically went to kid's TV when there's stuff like The Fly and Freaky Friday but still, yeah. Also the Japanese film "Time Traveller". Less parasitic but I loved that sort of weirdness.

    I love when you come up with this terminology also 'cause parasitic lifestyle blogging is just so right like, yES.

    1. OMG the queen's nose WAS weird!!!!!? Like the trippy/HAUNTING intro! AND OMG BIG KIDS!!!! There was also a really weird body swap episode of lizzie mcguire where she swapped bodies with her brother and he started talking about infected scabs and pus to her high school crush O.o so bizarre!!! And yesss for freaky friday because that fulfills all my early 00's pop punk feelz. There was also a really odd body swap tv show with like martin freeman on itv in like 2007 or something?! (I googled it and it was called boy meets girl!) Oh and there was its a boy girl thing another really corny noughties body swap movie i've seen way too many times?! OOH i haven't seen time traveller *adds to list* Also its kind of cheesy but I loved that richard e grant time travel film with bill nighy in ;___; AND OMG THE FLY IS ONE OF MY FAVESSSSSS!!!! <33 also fly related the ghost of a flea painting in tate britain is a fave of mine so happy blake-y has his own room now!! <33 Evil Dead 2 is actually really good in terms of time travel! Plastic dinosaurs!! I think body horror is my faveee, like have you read black hole by charles burns? so so great!!!! <33