Thursday, 9 April 2015

Rainbo brite is not always the most uplifting aesthetic

August Walla's Room

After the world's worst take on spring florals in that last mood board (which also operates as my own personal philosophy on death-I keep asking my family if I can have that WTNV quote on my grave stone and they keep asking me to stop talking) I guess this post can go for something vaguely more normal. 

Tho the above picture has adolf hitler as a central figure so maybe scratch that?!

But here is a picture of me (looking furtive) in a floral shirt on Easter day.

And me looking blankly into the abyss whilst  unwrapping a burger.

In other news my favourite word rite now is festooned tho I am yet to use it in a sentence and this picture on tumblr made me laugh so hard my eye popped out:

Is this the most not me thing ever?!!

More like I don't always talk about mental health but when I do it's 3am and I make everyone uncomfortable!

I also discovered the art of Shafique Uddin today when I was at work, aren't these paintings everything?!

Carlo Zinelli:

Martha Gruenwaldt:

Nick Blinko:

And Damian LeBas:

I discovered SO MUCH ART today actually, all of these fall under the 'outsider art' label but I disagree with this term....because yeah:

i posted this journal entry before but it's still relevent!!!!!

I've also been researching into disability rights history:

ADAPT protest, 1980s | EveryBody: An Artifact History of Disability in America

And the 1990 Capital Crawl:

And of course the work of Ed Roberts:

Also mental health activism from the MWLF IN 1970'S:

Oh also a playlist!!!

Maybe, Quvenzhané Wallis 

i had lost my mind, Daniel Johnston

angel baby, Jun Togawa

Girl in the mirror, Britney Spears

Every Single Night, Fiona Apple

Hold On, Wilson Philips

Psycho Killer, Talking Heads

you'll always find me in the kitchen at paries, Jona Lewie

the earth dies screaming, UB40

Were you there, Diamond Version with Neil Tennant

Enola Gay, OMD

Her Eyes are a blue million miles, Captain Beefheart

You Spin me Right Round, Frank Sidebottom

Downer, Nirvana



  1. I love those pictures of you, you look rly cool and great. I love your car shirt also. Kinda wanna hug you. Or just smile at you from a respectful distance, you know. Or go on one of those train type theme park rides (if you like those) with you. Yep. Luv the "frenetic" feel of these art pieces (not sure if that's the right word tbh but I cba to Google it). All colours and woods on paper. Yeah. Hi :-) xx

    1. OMG I WANT TO DO ALL OF THINGS WITH U! YEAH TRAIN RIDES! I was a really wimpy child so they were the only kind of rides i'd go on?!!! and ummm you are the coolest and the greatest?! and aaa aren't they the best? too much art in the world...mind overloading... ;___;