Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Hidden Visions

[i made hanna take like 20 photos of me and my face looked weird in all of them so i had to revert to my default ootd pose to an attempt to document this event without looking like one of those pug memes.]
OK so this blog post is ridiculously delayed? But Hidden Visions! The a+ art show on mental health by young artists dealing with this stuff curated by irl princess Lizzy!! It happened and it was great and thank you to everyone who came and stuff?? Tho meeting new people can be scary which reminds me of how art galleries aren't always an ideal environment for my own mental health (interacting! with! other! humans! Egad!) but I had a really awesome time and Harriet came and we had a really loud conversation about postcolonial interpretation of the matrix movies which probably scared everyone off but hey! Also me and Maeve got a talk about or A LOT. So all basic needs met tbh! I'm seriously so happy to be a part of this wonderful thing and I can't wait til Lizzy is the director of Tate and also Vogue and also THE WORLD.

So yes! Photos!!! Enjoy!!!

image by lizzy artwork by John Michael Taylor

photographs by Maeve Buckenham, 2nd image of Maeve's work taken by Lizzy
paintings by Stephanie Linne
painting by Miranda Chance


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  1. Love the third photo and really love the brightly coloured poster saying "Depression is an absence" :) xoxoxo