Tuesday, 21 July 2015

killer whales + killer outfits

The always ace Jazz gifted me this t-shirt 

(...as well as a bunch of other ones I intend to spam u with as the summer slowly disintegrates into the soggy cereal that is September...)

 courtesy of the a+ ***Truffle Shuffle *** therefore making my month. 

My posture is really weird in these pictures but I'm FEELING THIS outfit even if I do look painfully awkward?!

And because Truffle Shuffle specialises in all things retro and perf I get to use this blog post as an opportunity to celebrate the name sake of this here tee:


Why aren't we talking about Jem constantly u guys???!

I mean it has EVERYTHING

***Make Up****





****soothing backgrounds***

so it has everything basically, and like my awkward ootd aren't exactly doing that justice(????) but we all try and do our bit in this sick, sad world rite??

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  1. Jem is so great, literally everything about it is perfect. How can I join The Misfits though>??????????????