Sunday, 6 September 2015

U Live With Ur Parents Press

"I'm not saying it's not well written I'm saying no one will buy it" 
-important literary agent dude

In celebration of the literary loser that I am I have set up a big cartel store selling handmade copies of my weird not novels! 


Currently up for grabs is my first not novel, Christ the Wolf! However, there are 3 more coming soon (2 not-novels and 1 set of short stories) so like watch this space yeah? 

Are you excited? I'm excited!


Friday, 4 September 2015

"I'm like a Syrian Rory Gilmore"


This is the most cliche autumn outfit but I am very pro seasonal outfit scripts so hey. Also being a Syrian ootd blogger is slightly bizarre considering what the most ahem prominent image of Syria has been in the past few days. I'm writing my PHD (partially) on Syrian internet culture so I should have something slightly more insightful to say. But I don't. Because I hate everything. Here's an article on donating if you live in my hometown and here is a nationwide one if you do not. Please donate, if you like my shitty blog think of all the non shitty awesome things my fellow Syrians are capable of. Please.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

The Pink Print

A celebration of the clique-iest colour: pink for maximum back to school brutality.

cross roads, jacqueline de ribes, Sandy Skoglund, Knees in tub, 1977, Jamie Hawkesworth, Acne Paper Sweden, desperate teenage love dolls poster, Shirley MacLaine in What a Way to Go!, Casa Gálvez in the San Angel neighborhood of Mexico City by Luis Barragán, photo by Taylor Radelia, jackie o, a letter to a soldier, Nigel Shafran, Megan De Prins & India Salvor Menuez by Harley Weir for Pop, Fall 2014, Women Who Run with Scissors — pamphlet by Alice Smith & Nina McNamara

What we talk about when we talk about love

An end of august imitation of the season in remembrance of when I had the whole of the virgin suicides memorised my heart, posted a week later, in early september so any in sight in terms of space or place or even basic relevance is lost. An irrelevent ootd in short.

It seems I am too swarthy for summer, perhaps autumn will be kinder.

cookie monster, babadook, Icecream chairs, Mojacar Playa, Spain,  kurt, beanie baby stickers, Illustration by Robert Neubecker, via Slate, james lloyd, Nike