Friday, 4 September 2015

"I'm like a Syrian Rory Gilmore"


This is the most cliche autumn outfit but I am very pro seasonal outfit scripts so hey. Also being a Syrian ootd blogger is slightly bizarre considering what the most ahem prominent image of Syria has been in the past few days. I'm writing my PHD (partially) on Syrian internet culture so I should have something slightly more insightful to say. But I don't. Because I hate everything. Here's an article on donating if you live in my hometown and here is a nationwide one if you do not. Please donate, if you like my shitty blog think of all the non shitty awesome things my fellow Syrians are capable of. Please.


  1. Solidarity in hating everything <3

    1. Everything sucks! The musical! I hate everything! The movie version of the musical!

  2. Loving the Gilmore Girls reference in the title!