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My name is Bethany Rose. (Though you can call me Beth!) and I'm currently based in Bristol, U.K.

I graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2012 with a first class honours degree and completed my Masters degree in Visual Culture and Art History at Oxford University in 2014. I'm currently a PhD student at Central Saint Martins, researching child sexual abuse narratives in digital culture under an  AHRC TECHNE scholarship and have lectured at Central Saint Martins and presented my research and creative work at Brighton University, Bath Spa and Oxford University.

I like to write and make art and am the Editor in Chief and founder of the mental health journal Doll Hospital

I've been contributing to magazines and working in the creative sector since I was a teenager, my work has been featured in Dazed and Confused, Vice, xoVain, Rookie Magazine, Buzzfeed and the Hair Pin to name a few. I love writing, narratives and storytelling.

I'm currently making a documentary called Sad Girl Cinema on mental health and movies with Claire

I use this blog to share my work and post the occasional scrap of nonsense. 

I hope you are well and happy!

Love Bethany


p.s a bit of 'small print' before I forget:

All writing and images are my own unless noted otherwise.

If you want to use any of my work from this blog, or elsewhere, please drop me an email.

Likewise if I posted an image of yours and you want it down- email me! 

© Bethany Rose Lamont 2014. All rights reserved.

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