How old are you? 25, I was born on June 26th 1991.

Can I buy one of your artworks? Sure! Just drop me an email and we can talk :)

Do you make custom art on request? Yes I do, and I've done so in the past, again just drop me an email!

Who/what is your favourite ___? I keep track of what artists, books, movies and designers I’m into on Pinterest. Some of my favourite bloggers, zines, collectives and publications are lists on my side bar. But I loveee fangirling about my faves so am always happy to go into things in more detail!

Will you put X thing in your side bar? It depends what it is/if I feel like it's a good fit for this blog. Email me and we can talk more.

If I send you X thing will you write about it? Umm same answer as the last question really! 

What are your pronouns? 'She' is okay. 'They' is okay.

Did you go to private school? Noooo, I went to a regular comprehensive school haha.

Advice on getting into Central Saint Martins/Oxford? You might find this tumblr useful. Also set aside lots of time for your application and get lots of people to read through your applications, friends, family, teachers...everyone! Oh and if you're from a working class/comprehensive school background and I can help in anyway email me

Do you like X theorist? Whilst some corners of critical theory interests and inspires me (postcolonialism, weird postmodern essays on Disneyland, feminist horror writing, Kristeva's essay on abjection, writings on the uncanny and the grotesque...) I find so much theory elitist, alienating, overly academic, and just plain badly written tbh! Tove Jansson trumps Deleuze/Butler/et all for me. Sorry!

How did you start writing for magazines? I have no connections lol, so pretty much everything I've done with both art and writing has come from cold pitching people, which I started doing as a teenager. Though this can be a disheartening process as you don't hear back (or at least I didn't!) like 99% of the time. This tumblr is a wonderful resource if you're interested in getting your work published.

Will you check out my art/poetry/blog/illustrated manuscript? I'd love to! Send me a link and I'm there :)

Will you help me with my essay/thesis? Um sure, why not! Though if it's like 15,000 words long and you want me to properly proof read/edit it/help with research/recommendations you'll have to umm...pay me. I feel so mean saying this but to do a good job on it will take a while! That's only for big projects though, for more simple requests, or if you just think I'd be interested in what you're working on, I'd love you to get in touch also!

Can I submit to Doll Hospital? Anyone and everyone can submit to Doll Hospital! More information on submissions can be found on our website. 

Phew! I think these are all of them? I hope they are useful, and if you have any other questions feel free to ask me :)

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